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Laboratory/Diagnostic Management System

C-LabVantage Laboratory Management System Software is designed to provide ease in laboratory management. Our aim is bringing quality in laboratory management. C-LabVantage focuses on making e-health “a SUCCESS” with the help of the user friendly interfaces and easy recording and retrieval of data whenever required.

Why to choose C LabVantage- A Complete Laboratory Management System

C-LabVantage Laboratory Management System has been designed and developed for laboratories/diagnostic centre, to provide them the finest solution. This solution is reliable and flexible and has been designed keeping in mind the current day complex requirements. The system is developed in a pure Internet/Intranet environment and runs on all the browsers. C-LabVantage uses a browser-based interface and so it allows users to browse to the content very fast.

In the present day market, where customer is the king, this software helps in delivering Good Patient Care without any hassles.

C-LabVantage Laboratory ERP Solution provides end-to-end customer services and a very good facility of recording information and maintaining records, thus reducing errors.

List of modules:-

laboratory Management
Staff, HR & Payroll
Leave & Attendance
Inventory Management & Purchase
Internal Communication System
Admin Security
Financial Accounting
MIS Reports

Product Benefits

  • Quality Control.
  • Strong Security.
  • Proper Patient Management.
  • Administrative Control.
  • Sample & Result Management.
  • User Friendly.
  • Proper Utilization of Resources .
  • MIS Reports.


Laboratory Management

This module automates the process of raising investigation request and generates the reports immediately after values entry. The process involved is specimen sample collection, requisite test and results entry. Lab technicians can always track the samples and know the status. If any lab test required to be done on urgent basis as requested, system will alert the lab and they can carry out the investigation. This module manages:-

  • Provision to add lab test group and subgroups
  • Provision to add reference range for each test, category wise.
  • Provision to add sample types and lab units being used.
  • Create Profiles and packages for Particular tests.
  • Instant Test Allocation
  • Provision to add collected sample detail.
  • Easy creation of lab reports.


This module displays all lab test services that patient needs to go through and charges been levied and generates an automated billing as per those services. Very simple and user-friendly software and hence doesn't require any kind of special training. Any kind of tests, profiles or packages can be allocated to the patient and can be proceeded accordingly. A quick and easy billing system with an intelligent search of Lab tests by just pressing initial letters. This module includes:-

  • Provision to add lab tests and automaically displays the charges set at Lab Charges Master.
  • Tax master that may be required to include in billing.
  • Patient cash and credit billing.
  • Advance collection utility.
  • Authorize billing for recheck and then finalization of billing.
  • Provision to search old bills with easy search strings like patient name, mobile no., emaild-ID and so on.

Staff, HR & Payroll Management

This module allows registering each and every staff members of the Laboratory. Also, the consultant doctors can be registered here with a separate block of consultants in case if laboratory has availability of doctors.Easy retrieval of Staff Members with the help of various search strings like Staff Name, phone number, email ID, staff code etc. This module includes:-

  • Provision to manage and view Departments and Staff Designations
  • Provision to add Staff Type and Specializations.
  • Provision to set staff timings includes Doctors.
  • Easy and instant search utility to search staff members.
  • Creation of Salary structure, pay calculation, printing of salary slips, salary certificates, PF statements and so on.
  • Other activities like appointing staff, maintaining their database including their bio-data, fixing allowances and deductions, Loan and advances, termination process etc.
  • Employee documents like Photograph, ID card, Address proof, Passport, municipality documents, agreements etc can be scanned and attached in the software.
Inventory Management & Purchase

This module deals with the purchase of items required in Laboratory, issue of those items into Lab, maintenance of stock and setting up the minimum stock / reorder level for each stock. This module includes:-

  • Provision to raise purchase request for any item.
  • Assigned authority approves or declines the purchase
  • Purchase order generation and processing.
  • Allocation of purchased items to the requested departments.
  • Vendor management and payments.
  • Stock requisition from departments.
  • Stock expiry.
  • Stock management.
  • Reorder level setting.

Internal Communication System

This module is an innovative and special feature in C LabVantage Laboratory management system software. It enables all staff users to communicate among themselves electronically for official reasons rather than visiting the concerned person for any such discussions. Departmental message can also be sent by administrator which is common to the staff of that particular department. In a same way any kind of document can also be shared among other staff as per requirement. Thus reducing paper work and saves good time to utilize it in a better way for Laboratory management.

Security & Administration

This module deals with security by managing / controlling the access to various modules and sub-modules available in the software. This module includes:-

  • Provision to Create / manage users.
  • Provision to allocate role to the respective user.
  • Provision to create / manage roles and assigning privileges and permission of information to the corresponding role.

MIS Reports

Management information system reports are available for every module for the analysis & monitoring by top management of the laboratory. Various kinds of MIS reports are:-

  • Date wise Patient registration report
  • Collection report
  • Revenue report
  • List of patients consulting doctor wise.
  • Investigations report
  • List of tests carried out daily (date range)
  • Stock purchase requisitions
  • Billing rates for various tests.
  • Also, we have many more reports and can add more reports as per requirement.

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