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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website is administered by Coelentera.Coelentera Technologies is committed to protect the privacy of all your personal informations obtained during your visitsto our website. Our objective is to protect the privacy of all users. The primary purpose of Coelentera.com is to be a source of dynamic resources and business tool to assist our clients to create future. Coelentera may need to collect specific information from you such as your name and address or other personal information.Information that is essential for Coelentera is generally designated as 'Required' (or *). Other information that would allow Coelentera flexibility in providing services or products, and may be used for internal purpose or market research, is indicated as 'Optional.'

The choice to disclose your personally identifiable information to Coelentera is completely at your discretion. It is not mandatory for you to answer any question,but it's always advisable as it helps us to serve you better and have a regular coordination.

Following points provide an overview of how we protect your privacy during your visit:

How do we gather your information?

Information on Coelentera.com is gathered in two ways:

Web Access Logs:

One example of information we collect is, through our Internet access logs. When you visit Coelentera.com, your Internet address is automatically accessed and is placed in our web access logs. Manual Storage (for example,when you provide information on various pages of Coelentera.com).We collect information from you in a number of ways.One way is by using cookies.Cookies are the small files which saves and retrieves information about your visit to Coelentera.com.Like, how you visited our site, what you navigated through thesite, and what information was of your interest and accessed. (If you feel uncomfortable about cookies use, you can always disable cookies on your computer by changing the settings options in your browser.)

Where do we use this information?

We analyze the information entered by user to determine what he likes and is most effective about our site,and the things where we need to improve it to provide the best services We don't share personal information with third parties? The data we collect from you will be transferred internally with the various requisite sectionsthroughout organization.We will not share any individual information with third party and will only be with our advisors. But still, before submission of any information,we will initmate you that why we need this specific information and it is entirely up to you whether or not you want to provide it. And you can always send us an e-mail if any of your stored information need to be corrected. We provide proper accessto your information and rights to update it.

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